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Has the Berkeley Daily Planet published unequivocally anti-Semitic op-eds, news articles, cartoons and letters?  Let’s look at some examples:

ADL: Hard left anti-Semitism way up in the Bay Area

June 5, 2009


Regular readers of the Berkeley Daily Planet will not be surprised that the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has announced that anti-Semitism in the Bay Area is way up led by a surge of anti-Semitism from the hard left. Anti-Semitism used to be the province of the far right. Today it mostly comes from the far left.



The Jews got what they deserved in the Holocaust

October 7, 2009


Here’s a pop quiz. From where is this quote taken: 


"One should ask why anti-Semitism has persisted throughout the centuries. Let us go back to 539 BC, when Cyrus the Great, King of Persia, went to Babylonia and liberated Jews. One can ask why Jews were enslaved by Babylonians. Also, one can ask why Jews had problem with Egyptians, with Jesus, with Europeans, and in modern times with Germans? The answer, among other things, is their racist attitude that they are the 'Chosen People.' Because of this attitude, they do wrong to other people to the point that others turn against them, namely, become anti-Semite if you will."

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Israelis are Nazis

Septempber 3, 2009

We learn that Israelis are Nazis in an August 4, 2006 letter from Linda Stewart: 


Anyone in Congress who supports this genocide does not represent me and many others in this country. Destroying a country’s infrastructure, killing millions of innocent civilians [Millions? That’s worse than Bosnia, Congo, Rwanda and Darfur combined], including children, is inexcusable. I will never vote for anyone who supports this insanity.
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Recent Hard Left Demonstration in San Francisco



“Allahu Akbar.”  Or, should it be titled, “Kill the Filthy Jews”?
March 2, 2010

Editor’s Note:  The Daily Planet’s penultimate print edition featured an ad for a self-published novel, “Allahu Akbar,” by Edward Nash (pen name?).   A sometimes contributor of excellent background research to DPWatchDog obtained a copy of this book, read it, and provided us with an analysis below.
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Zionists Were Nazi Collaborators

December 4, 2009


In its December 3, 2009 edition, the Berkeley Daily Planet revisited the theme of the Zionist Jews as Nazis.  In the past we learned from the Daily Planet that Jews deserved what they got in the Holocaust, and we have also learned that Israelis are the new Nazis. 
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It’s the Zionist Occupation Government (ZOG)

September 1, 2009


The Berkeley Daily Planet published a DeFreitas cartoon on April 23, 2004 that shows an American flag, with its pole stuck like a spear into the back of a prostrate Palestinian peasant representing the as yet unborn Palestinian state.  Critically, the 50 stars in the flag have been replaced by a single Star of David.  DeFreitas employed the age-old anti-Semitic theme that Jews control America (or, often, the whole world).  The neo-Nazis therefore call our federal government the ZOG, standing for “Zionist Occupation Government.”  This is clearly implied by the 50 stars of Old Glory being replaced by a single Jewish star. 

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So Few Jews, Such a Big Jewish Problem

June 4, 2009


The May 28, 2009 issue of the Daily Planet ran an article by Joanna Graham that claimed Jews represent only 4% of Berkeley’s population at the very most, and therefore such local Jewish concerns as anti-Semitism in Berkeley’s local paper, the Daily Planet, can be safely ignored.

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Jews Look Funny

June 2, 2009

In an August 2, 2005 letter Mark Richey accuses someone who had written a pro-Israel letter of wearing “the funniest looking yarmulke I ever saw.”   As it happens the Jew in question is secular and does not wear a yarmulke, except in synagogue.  We cannot find a single example of this kind of ethnic slur directed against any other group in the pages of the Berkeley Daily Planet.   

Judaism is a Gutter Religion

June 1, 2009


Nation of Islam leader, Louis Farrakhan, famously called Judaism a “gutter religion.”  Regular Daily Planet contributor, Joanna Graham, heartily agrees (October 23, 2008)

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The Jews should admit that they killed Christ

May 30, 2009


n a long article by Marc Winokur (April 9, 2004), the author complained of misplaced Jewish sensitivity to Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ.”  The writer draws upon a literal reading of the gospels to argue that it is irrefutable that the Jews killed Jesus.

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Jews are fifth columnists and spies

May 26, 2009


On August 2, 2005 the Daily Planet published a piece by frequent contributor, Joanna Graham (a self described Marxist, but also the Daily Planet’s most persistent anti-Semite), in which we learn that Jewish American supporters of Israel’s right to live within safe and secure borders may be spies, or worse

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Of the 192 United Nations member states, only Israel has no right to exist.

May 23, 2009


Frequent Berkeley Daily Planet contributor, Joanna Graham, writes (March 19, 2009) that "Israel . . . has no borders and no citizens and is not even quite a real nation.

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Is the Berkeley Daily Planet in its totality an anti-Semitic newspaper?


Is Becky O’Malley herself an anti-Semite?

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