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It’s the Zionist Occupation Government (ZOG)

The Berkeley Daily Planet published a DeFreitas cartoon on April 16, 2004 that shows an American flag, with its pole stuck like a spear into the back of a prostrate Palestinian peasant representing the as yet unborn Palestinian state.

Critically, the 50 stars in the flag have been replaced by a single Star of David.  DeFreitas employed the age-old anti-Semitic theme that Jews control America (or, often, the whole world).  The neo-Nazis therefore call our federal government the ZOG, standing for “Zionist Occupation Government.”  This is clearly implied by the 50 stars of Old Glory being replaced by a single Jewish star.  Hitler used similar iconography as in this cartoon from Der Stürmer:


Where one is ruled by the Jews, freedom is only an empty dream.

Similar images can be found at innumerable neo-Nazi websites. 
Most disturbingly, as anti-Semitism has migrated recently from the far right to the hard left, so has its iconic imagery.  Take, for example, this image from a hard left website:

It is impossible to know whether DeFreitas received his inspiration from the hard left, or took it directly from the Nazis or the neo-Nazis.  One thing we know that did not inspire Defrietas was current events.  Nothing was happening among the parties, Israel, Palestine, and the U.S. in March-April 2004 that could reasonably have led DeFreitas to pen such a cartoon.

Despite the protests of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and others, O’Malley’s response was to re-publish Defreitas’ cartoon nine months later as one of the year’s best.


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