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Jews are not real Americans; they are spies and fifth columnists

On August 2, 2005 the Daily Planet published a piece by frequent contributor, Joanna Graham (a self described Marxist, but also the Daily Planet’s most persistent anti-Semite), in which we learn that Jewish American supporters of Israel’s right to live within safe and secure borders may be spies, or worse:

It is worth asking: To what country does John Gertz owe his loyalty?… Would he spy for Israel? (It’s been done.) Would he perjure himself for Israel? (That’s been done too.) Would he threaten a political candidate with slush funds and slur campaigns? (Threats like Mr. Gertz’s are not idle. They’ve been carried out successfully many times.) Would he protect Israel when it had deliberately killed American citizens? (Sadly, this too has been done.) Would he carry a bomb onto the New York subway or BART, if Israel deemed it necessary? How far would Eric Alterman go? How far would John Gertz go?

This dual-loyalty, fifth column canard is classically anti-Semitic.  Gertz’s response to this libelous calumny can be read in the August 5, 2005 issue and in part reads:

As for the canard that I am not a real American because I am pro-Israel (I actually identify with Israel’s left wing and, for example, very enthusiastically support the impending withdrawal from Gaza), well you should know I am also pro-Free Tibet, and pro-Free Burma.  I also love Great Britain, and have a soft spot for France and Italy, too.  Ms. Graham, I assure you that I am as American as you, born, bred and proud to be so. . . .No, Ms. Graham, I will not assassinate anyone, nor blow up City Hall, even if, as you may in your conspiratorial delusions believe that Israel is ordering me to do so.  

There is a further irony here.  The writer, Joanna Graham, has described herself to the SF Chronicle as a Marxist.  Marxists are not normally known for waving the American flag and accusing others of treason.  Of course, Ms. Graham makes an exception for Jews.  But, then, what of regular Berkeley Daily Planet columnist Conn Hallinan?   He was a leading member of the CP USA, which is now known to have received much or most of its funding from the KGB.  Since the fall of the Soviet Union it has become known that many of the CP USA’s members actually did spy for or recruited spies for the Soviet Union.

In the April 23, 2004 edition letter writer Mark Dewhurst queries, “Am I an Anti-Semite for pointing out that these leading Neo-Cons—all Jewish—are all rabid, right wing Israel backers? Is their agenda really in the best interests of U.S. citizens here at home.”   To answer his question, maybe so.


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