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The Berkeley Daily Planet:

Anti-Semitism and
Journalistic Malfeasance



The Berkeley Daily Planet, as we will show, is a fount of anti-Jewish and anti-Israel expression. It defends itself from the ugly charge of anti-Semitism by professing, instead, adherence to a very strict interpretation of the rights of free speech. However, while we have found all manner of anti-Semitic hate speech in the pages if the Daily Planet, in a thorough review of all past issues, we have found only one expression of hate speech directed at any other group. That other group is police officers. Since Michael and Becky O'Malley purchased the paper in early 2003, we have not found a single expression of hate speech directed against gays, Muslims, blacks, or any other ethnic or religious group. Neither have we detected any misogyny.


In the Berkeley Daily Planet, it is all about Jews and Israel. We first examine three propositions:

First, has the Berkeley Daily Planet published unequivocally anti-Semitic op-eds, cartoons, and letters? Here, the answer is a definite YES.

Second, is the Berkeley Daily Planet in its totality an anti-Semitic newspaper? Here the answer, we believe, is PROBABLY.

Third, is the Berkeley Daily Planet owner and executive editor, Becky O'Malley, herself an anti-Semite? VERY POSSIBLY.

In other sections of this website we will examine additional facets of journalistic malfeasance at the Berkeley Daily Planet. DPWatchDog hopes to act as a mirror by which the O'Malleys might look at themselves and thereby be persuaded to reform the content of their paper such that it might become a first class local paper of which all Berkeleyans might be proud. As it is, vast swaths of the public have long ago turned their back on the Berkeley Daily Planet in disgust. In time, however, and with a showing of good will on the part of the O'Malleys, perhaps trust might be restored.