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DPWatchDog Finally Posts a Petition That Was
Falsely Alleged to Be Its Own

The Daily Planet announced a 60% decline in 2009 ad revenues (October 22, 2009).  Since making that announcement, the Daily Planet has lost additional key accounts, so that the true decline may be in the neighborhood of 80%.  O’Malley blames the economy.  However, its competitor, The East Bay Express, has seen a large increase in ad revenues in 2009, and has turned solidly profitable.

The locally owned East Bay Express maintains very high journalistic standards, provides its readers with in depth stories, including great investigative pieces.  And it accomplishes this without being a purveyor of hate.

This proves that good journalism can still thrive in the Bay Area.  We congratulate the East Bay Express on its magnificent results. 

The Daily Planet has chosen a very different bOn September 16, 2009 a full-page ad appeared in the East Bay Express.  It was a petition signed by about 500 people protesting persistent anti-Semitism in the pages of the Daily Planet.


DPWatchDog neither organized nor promoted this petition before it was published.  We reprint the ad now (December 22, 2009) for the first time.  We do so because we have heard that the Daily Planet has been organizing a counter petition.  That, of course, is their right. 

Becky O’Malley dismissed these outraged citizens with these words (September 24, 2009):

Last week Gertz took a full-page signature ad in the East Bay Express (using the name of a front committee) to publicize the URL of his site. It’s reassuring, at least, to see that a very few of his purported 500 listed endorsers were local—perhaps 10 at most.

These two sentences contains a slew of falsehoods.  Neither DPWatchDog nor its editor, John Gertz, sponsored the petition or ad.   Nor did we pay for it.  The ad clearly states that it was paid for by the Israel Action Committee of the East Bay (IACEB).  IACEB is not a front organization for DPWatchDog.  IACEB has been around for years, long predating DPWatchDog.  No one at DPWatchDog is a member of IACEB, and we receive no funding from IACEB.  O’Malley’s claim that no more than 10 local residents signed the petition is ludicrous, as anyone can see from going to the petition itself CLICK HERE

O’Malley’s false charges were a brazen attempt to perpetuate her fantastical myth that she is being victimized by a very small band of fringe lunatics.


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