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Hallinan and the Worker's Paradise

March 26, 2009
In an unusual departure from his usual fare of anti-Israelism and conspiracy theories, Comrade Hallinan devotes his column to a rather routine analysis of the worldwide economic crisis.  Allow me a personal note that we confess extrapolates beyond the article itself.  I just could not help wondering whether Hallinan is feeling a certain amount of glee at the prospect of the collapse of capitalism.  

I am reminded of a story.
I just happened to be in Germany on business the very day in 1989 when the Berlin Wall came crashing down.  It was an amazing spectacle to see all of the tiny, tiny East German put-puts cruising down the autobahn at their maximum speeds of about 40 mph, their passengers gazing out in marvel at the west and freedom.
Returning the next day to SFO, I hopped in a cab and asked to be taken to my home in Berkeley, giving the driver some directions.  “No need for directions,” he said, “I’m from Berkeley, too.”  When he heard I had just returned from Germany he really launched in.  “How fantastic it is that the Wall has fallen. Now everyone in the world will know how horrid was Leninism; how vicious was Stalinism.  Now, at last, the world will be ready to embrace Trotskyism!!” 


20 years have passed and that poor cabby is no doubt still waiting for the world to turn to Trotsky. 

Only in Berkeley. 

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