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Tree Sitting

On December 5, 2006, the Berkeley Daily Planet published its first story about what would become the farcical attempt of a small cadre of Berkeley lunatics to save a grove of oak trees on the UC Berkeley campus that was slated for removal so that the campus could expand services.  These people commandeered the trees and sat in them for many months, costing the university and the city a small fortune.  Their only notable support came from the Berkeley Daily Planet’s Becky O’Malley.  This, the first of many articles, begins with a loving ode to the protest organizer:

“In the wee, dark hours of Big Game, a Wolf [Zachary Running Wolf] made like a Butterfly and took to the trees. . . . He’s acquired some impressive support.” 

The article goes on to interview four such supporters, but not one University official, nor any other person who favored Univerity development.  The impression given is that all of Berkeley was up in arms about these trees. 









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