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 Tarzana in the jungles of Berkeley

As established elsewhere in this website, the Berkeley Daily Planet has a stated policy that it will not publish pro-Israel pieces from outside its readership area. 

This notwithstanding, the Berkeley Daily Planet very often has published anti-Israel and even anti-Semitic pieces from as far away as India.  The Berkeley Daily Planet has even published multiple out-of-area anti-Israel letters at a single time when part of an obviously orchestrated letter writing campaign.

It is rarely a level playing field at the Berkeley Daily Planet.

However, in the March 25, 2009 issue, a pro-Israel letter appeared from Tarzana, California, some 400 miles south of Berkeley.  We have not ever seen this before, and cannot yet say whether this slipped underneath O'Malley's radar, or whether this marks the beginning of a new, fairer policy.

We also do not know whether other benighted policies at the Berkeley Daily Planet are coming closer to an end, for example:

The Berkeley Daily Planet refuses to fact check even the most preposterous claims by its stable of anti-Israel writers, but demands citations from the pro-Israel camp.

The Berkeley Daily Planet brags that it publishes all anti-Israel pieces it receives, but we know that it only publishes some of the pro-Israel letters submitted. 


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