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O’Malley Ducks and Covers

“Hyper-free speech advocate,” Becky O’Malley recently sent us a threatening email.  More properly, she copied us on a threatening email to someone who she alleges has interfered with her business, possibly by approaching her advertisers, though the email was not explicit.  We do not know exactly why we were copied, except that this must either have been some sort of veiled threat against DPWatchDog, or that since we are also members of the press, that she deemed her threat newsworthy and is seeking the publicity.  If the latter is true, here is her publicity.

We responded with a polite email querying why we were copied on her threat to a third party.  However, that email bounced right back.  O’Malley has actually placed a spam block on us. 


Duck and Cover

We recently noted how Conn Hallinan ducked and covered when we queried him on his sources, and now we see that O’Malley not only ducks and covers, she sticks her thumbs in her ears and her head in the sand.

Some journalist and free speech advocate she turned out to be.




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