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Michael P. Hardesty

Hardesty is a frequent peddler of hateful anti-Israelism in the Berkeley Daily Planet.  By following his writings through multiple sources one gets the impression that he is a seriously dangerous person.  For example, in the following blog he threatens those who disagree with him with violence (he writes under the handle, blondemike):

In the Berkeley Daily Planet, Hardesty regularly fumes against Israel.  Elsewhere, his wrath is spent on gays and blacks:

For Hardesty’s homophobia:

For Hardesty’s anti-black sentiments:

Finally, on top of everything, Mr. Hardesty appears to be a Holocaust denier.  In the following piece he condemns the Nuremberg trials:

We know it is none of our business, but perhaps Mr. Hardesty would be happier living somewhere other than in the Bay Area.  We would recommend Iran, where there are no gays (at least according to its president), no blacks, and few Jews.


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