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Caught in the Labyrinth of O’Malley’s Mind

Look closely at the Letters section of the Berkeley Daily Planet and you will find much about Palestine and Israel--probably more than on any other topic.  However, we do not suggest that there are not letters on local matters as well.  In fact, one will find letters on almost every topic under the local sun. 

One thing, however, that is almost never seen is a letter either complimenting or criticizing Becky O’Malley on her latest editorial.  The reason seems to be quite simply that no one ever reads them.  After one or two O’Malley editorials, readers realize that she is virtually illiterate.  We don’t mean that she cannot spell when she wants to.  Rather, her thoughts meander hither, thither, and yon, rarely even going in circles, just ranting and raving and generally going nowhere at all.  What do you expect?  This is O’Malley’s private vanity press, the expensive blog of a madwoman. See here.

We have complained about this for sometime, and we admit to getting grouchy, since we are forced to read her week in, week out as part of our mission to serve the public good.  

Now comes along some poor innocent who is brand new to Berkeley, and likes her new home at that.  She naturally picked up the local paper and happened upon O’Malley’s weekly editorial (December 17, 2009).  Tree Fitzpatrick’s letter appeared on December 23, and, in part it reads:

Now, to your editorial about Lieberman. I have only read it twice. I still need to read it again because after two readings, I am not really sure what you are talking about. You mush up a lot of discussions all under the confusing title of Lieberman. 
You begin talking about Lieberman—then you are talking about local councilmembers and you seem to switch topics over and over—and, by the end, I am not sure what your point was?

O’Malley probably published this letter not so much out of her falsely allegded love of the First Amendment, but out of a puffed up pride that someone, besides us, had actually read one of her editorials.  If Ms. Fitzpatrick is like most Berkeleyans she will soon turn her back on O’Malley forever.


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