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Judith Scherr

Judith Scherr had been editor under the Berkeley Daily Planet’s previous ownership, but left before the paper was sold. The O’Malleys successfully lured Scherr back as editor.  According to a story in the UCB’s Daily Californian at the time, Scherr “had initially been skeptical that Becky O'Malley would be able to separate her political philosophy from the paper's content.”  She quit abruptly in September 2008, sending an email to her many friends, which has been widely circulated since.  It reads in part:

2.5 years of being insulted, berated and lied to by the Daily Planet’s executive editor – and having my stories distorted by the deletion of quotes from persons Becky O’Malley hates and the addition of her nasty remarks about such people.

For more:

O’Malley describes her paper as practicing “advocacy journalism.”  However, when mangled quotes, persistent misstatements of fact, and raw opinion masquerade as “news,” this is not advocacy journalism but pure propaganda.
In this section we will look at a few examples of journalistic malfeasance that do not concern Israel/Palestine or anti-Semitism.









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