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The House of Representatives Outlaws the Berkeley Daily Planet

Well, not really.  But close. 

On a whopping 395 to 3 vote, the House has passed legislation labeling certain Middle East media outlets, including the Hizbullah-run Al-Manar, terrorist entities.  The bill also singled out Hamas's Al-Aksa TV and Al-Rafidayn TV as candidates for becoming Specially Designated Global Terrorists.

Since what one reads in the Berkeley Daily Planet is often indistinguishable from what is broadcast by the above Middle Eastern media outlets would this bill, if it becomes law, apply?

No, because the Daily Planet enjoys immunity from journalistic responsibility and accountability under the First Amendment, and it can therefore be as malfeasant as it chooses.  Unlike in backward European countries, such as Germany and France, the Daily Planet cannot be prosecuted for hate crimes.


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