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City Deems Daily Planet to be a Hazard

According to the San Francisco Chronicle’s March 24, 2009 edition, the City of Berkeley regards the Daily Planet to be a hazard to its citizens.  We agree in principle, however, whereas we regard the hazard as moral and ethical, they have cited it for attracting vermin.  Calm down dear reader, the city is not referring to Berkeley’s lunatic left, and neither are we.  They use the word, “vermin,” literally.  Apparently, the Berkeley Daily Planet’s news racks are filthy.
This is especially troubling to this website’s editor.  He picks up his copy from one of these boxes at 6:30 AM every Thursday morning on his way to work.  During much o f the year, it is still dark at this hour.  He now has to fear that in addition to be attacked in print, he may now have his hand bitten as he reaches into the dark box for his weekly dose of journalistic malfeasance.
While on the subject, being more or less the first person to pick up a paper from his local box in North Berkeley, the box used to be full.  However, in recent months, our editor has noticed that the box is less than half full.  Have North Berkeleyans taken to rising much earlier on Thursday mornings to snap up their precious copies of the Berkeley Daily Planet, or has the Berkeley Daily Planet reduced the number of papers put in the box because less people are reading it?  We don’t know.  Do you?
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