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Elephant Pharmacy

Until its recent bankruptcy, Elephant Pharmacy was the Berkeley Daily Planet’s largest advertiser.   At reputable newspapers there is a solid wall between advertisers and content editors, but not at the Berkeley Daily Planet.   When Elephant Pharmacy founder, Stuart Skorman, published a book on his entrepreneurial experience, he was allowed to promote it in the Berkeley Daily Planet in the fashion of a book review (February 27, 2007).   Skorman reviewed his own book favorably  

Shuttered up and bankrupt, advertising in the Daily Planet did not help Elephant Pharmacy.

In accordance with accepted practice, such a promotion taking the form and look of a news article should have been encased in a line with the words “Paid Advertisement.”  Similarly, a routine break in at the Elephant Pharmacy rated an article of its own rather than a brief mention in the “Police Blotter,” like any other Berkeley break in.  In fact, it received more coverage than most local murders.  Finally, turning to the August 5, 2005 issue, a puff piece was written about Elephant Pharmacy, in effect an ad. 









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