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December 3 Attacks

The December 3, 2009 issue of the Daily Planet published many letters from all over the country condemning our editor, John Gertz.  The occasion was the publication in the New York Times on November 28 of an article about the dispiute between us and the Daily Planet.  That article did little more than lay out the basic stands of the two parties:

As usual, look as one will, these letters show not the slightest evidence that our critics had visited this website before condemning it.  Actually, one letter seems does quote this website, but in fact it merely quotes the NY Times’ quotes of this website. 

Incuriosity is a constant hallmark of O’Malley’s minions.

One leitmotif running through all of these letters is the assertion that we are quick to condemn people of anti-Semitism when they are merely honest critics of Israel.  Anyone reading through this website will find that charge to be false. Take, for a prime example, Daily Planet foreign affairs analyst, Conn Hallinan.  He is virulently anti-Israel.  Moreover, we have provided strong evidence that he condemns Israel on trumped up charges and falsified evidence.  We have therefore expressed the opinion that Hallinan is a thoroughly dishonest journalist, and we have noted that he is a life long Communist.  However, nowhere do we suggest that he is an anti-Semite.  Daily Planet Managing Editor and Cartoonist, Justin DeFreitas, once published a cartoon that employed anti-Semitic iconography.  Nevertheless, we do not regard DeFreitas to be an anti-Semite, and we have said so.

We have used the charge of anti-Semitism very sparingly.  We used it against that Iranian living in India, Arianpour.  However, virtually everyone, even O’Malley, agrees that he is an anti-Semite.  We have used it to describe the writings of Joanna Graham, but I believe that self described Marxist, Joanna Graham, would also freely admit, if asked, that she is an anti-Semite (for example, she has called Ariapour “eloquent” and has thanked her lucky stars that she did not have to marry a Jew).  And then there is Becky O’Malley herself.  We have carefully weighed a plethora of evidence, and sadly concluded that she is “possibly” an anti-Semite, but only possibly.

Another leitmotif running through the letters is that by maintaining this website we are somehow “censoring” the Daily Planet.  DPWatchDog does not normally approach advertisers, though we are close to changing our policy.  If we do, we will announce this first.  Without doubt, some advertisers have dropped their ads in the Daily Planet on account of Jim Sinkinson’s letters.  We have also heard that Sinkinson and others direct advertisers to read DPWatchDog.  We are a source of solid research, and we make our findings known through this website.  However, it is inconceivable that advertisers would actually drop their ads in the Daily Planet were they not persuaded by the strong evidence that it is a monger of hate and is journalistically malfeasance.  By the Daily Planet’s own account, there are only one or two lonely extremists out there vilifying her fine newspaper.  Were that the case, who would drop their advertising?  Do we censor Sarah Palin when we simply refuse to buy her autobiography?  Are advertisers censoring the Daily Planet when they simply refuse to subsidize hate?

Other tidbits from the December 3 issue:

Jack Schumakler of Atlanta, Georgia says our editor is “scum.”  Ouch.

Matthew Taylor says that our editor is an “ultra right wing Zionist,” notwithstanding that every single piece of evidence indicates (correctly) that he is a plain vanilla center-left Zionist.  We might just as easily call Matthew Taylor a neo-Nazi for no particular reason.  Again, this is clear evidence that our detractors do not even read this website, but merely think they know what it must say.

Anthony Cowell of New Jersey compares DPWatchDog to Der Sturmer (again, no evidence that he has actually visited the site), and reminds us that Der Stumer editor, Julius Streicher, was hung after the war.


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