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Conn Hallinan

Hallinan writes a foreign affairs column for the Berkeley Daily Planet.  He is also a member of the board that governs Berkeley radio station KPFA, part of the Pacifica network.  In the 1970’s he was the editor of the Communist Party’s magazine, Peoples Weekly World.  His recent articles continue to appear in this magazine, as well as in its Canadian counterpart and other Communist journals, such as Dissent Voice.   Although, once an active member of the CP USA, the situation today is a bit confusing. The political party disbanded not long after the dissolution of its patron, the Soviet Union and the KGB, which funded it.  However, its magazine, Peoples Weekly World, persists.  Hallinan has lectured in journalism at UC Santa Cruz, a campus famous for such its Communist faculty members, such as Angela Davis and Betina Aptheker.  He is the son of Vincent Hallinan, a well-known radical attorney, who once defended Communist Longshore Leader Harry Bridges and was jailed in that case for contempt of court.  Vincent also ran for president as the candidate of the Progressive Party.  He is the brother of Terrance Hallinan, a recent and controversial San Francisco's District Attorney.  Hallinan is not the only Communist writing for the Berkeley Daily Planet.  Frequent op-ed writer, Kenneth Thiesen, is a member of the extreme radical Revolutionary Communist Party, founded by Maoist, Bob Avakian.  We at DPWatchDog wish to stress that we believe that Hallinan has every right to be a Communist, and every right to express his views in print.  As consumers, however, we have a right to understand that it is this anachronistic and quaint worldview that he would feed us.


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