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  Joseph Anderson

When Joseph Anderson published his loving ode to cop killing in the April 1, 2009 edition of the DP, we immediately thought that O’Malley had decided to spread the hate more equitably, as this was the first hateful screed we have ever seen in the DP that was not directed against Jews or Israel. 

The funeral of the four Oakland policemen

A hater is a hater.  It is a sickness that rarely limits its objective to a single victim.  Thus, those who hate blacks often hate Jews or liberals, or others with an equal fervor.  So we are not at all surprised to learn that cop-hater, Anderson, is also a well-known anti-Semite.  We received the following from reader and freelance local journalist, Dan Spitzer:

In Feb. 2004, police threw Anderson out of a lecture at UC Berkeley by Dr. Daniel Pipes for disruptive behavior. Before he was escorted out of the hall, Anderson screamed at the largely Jewish audience, "You're all a bunch of filthy Jewish liars." After I reported this in my letter published in the Feb. 13, 2004 issue of the Daily Planet, on Feb. 24 owner/editor Becky Anderson actually apologized to Anderson for printing my letter and gave him better than a half page to rant against Zionists, saying in no uncertain terms that whenever anyone he considered biased came to Berkeley to speak, they should be disrupted.

Most tellingly, Anderson has succumbed in such great measure to his anti-Semitism that he now regularly rails against virulent anti-Israeli leftists such as Noam Chomsky and Norman Finklestein. In early 2008, he even alienated the heads of the Middle East Childrens' Alliance when he disrupted a talk by Finklestein and was ordered to be tossed out of the hall by the moderator. Knowing members of the leftist audience were not surprised--even they understand that Anderson is so overtly anti-Semitic that he has now targeted prominent anti-Israel activists like Chomsky and Finklestein if they happen to be born Jewish.

In sum, even though Becky O'Malley doubtless realizes Anderson's terrible reputation in leftist circles where he is seen as an embarrassment, she nevertheless chose to publish his racist screed justifying the killing of Oakland police officers. I think it can reasonably be said that no other reputable publication in this country would have printed this trash. But then again, as this website has amply revealed, the Daily Planet is far from a reputable paper.


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