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The 64 dollar Challenge

In the January 14, 2010 issue Terry Fletcher, claiming to be Jewish and anti-Israel, writes in part as follows:

In that light, I would also like to respond to the letter signed by Jonathan Bernstein of the Anti-Defamation League and others the week before, which states of Becky O’Malley that “she has never, to our knowledge, published any hate speech directed at other [non-Jewish] minorities.” I can only conclude that the signatories of that letter do not regularly read the Planet, or that their sensitivity to what constitutes hate speech directed a non-Jews is lacking. Over the years, I have read many letters to the Planet that have expressed anti-Black, anti-Latino, anti-Arab, anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant and misogynist viewpoints. In fact many of the anti-Arab and anti-Muslim letters are submitted by self-described Israel supporters, a prime example being a particularly hateful op-ed the Planet published on Oct. 15, 2009. (This is only one example out of many.)

He ends his piece with a joke.  At least we think it is a joke:

In my opinion, neither that op-ed nor the infamous Arianpour one merited publication. I support Becky O’Malley’s efforts to consider the effects of what she prints and to take into account the detrimental effects of spreading hatred and prejudice in our community.

We concede that Fletcher has a point about the October 15, 2009 article.  It was a “pro-Israel” piece which at its best was illiterate.  O’Malley routinely rejects articulate and well reasoned pro-Israel letters.  Without any doubt whatsoever in our minds, this was published by O’Malley explicitly to embarrass the pro-Israel community. See here

Here is the $64 challenge

DPWatchDog will pay $64 to the first person who sends in a Daily Planet letter, commentary or article that contains hate speech directed against blacks, Latinos, gays, immigrants, Asians, or women, and we will continue to pay for each one that we receive that was printed in 2003-2009, O’Malley’s reign of terror.  How’s that for a fun treasure hunt.

This is a not a trivial challenge.  It has been our contention that the Daily Planet publishes hate speech directed against Jews, or as a stalking horse, Israel.  This does not appear to be not in dispute.  We have therefore concluded that the Daily Planet is in its totality probably anti-Semitic.  However, we have also acknowledged that if the Daily Planet also publishes hate speech directed against, for example, gays, blacks, Latinos, Asians, or women then perhaps the paper is just generally hateful for the sake of free speech and not specifically anti-Semitic.  Fletcher says that there are plenty of such pieces, and says that the ADL, et al. are mistaken probably because they do not read the Daily Planet.  We don’t know about the ADL but we can tell you that we have not only read the Daily Planet, but have scoured every issue since the day O’Malley first went to print.  All we could find was one hate filled tome praising the murder of Oakland police officers and one letter which in passing called two city council members, one black (Daryl Moore) and the other white (Gordon Wozniak), “monkeys”.  Were it just Moore, we might think racism, but we have to give the writer some benefit of the doubt since the other “monkey” was white.

One further caveat.  We have left out of our challenge Arabs and Muslims.  “Islamaphobia” has been used by the Daily Planet to describe virtually anything that is pro-Israel.  So, to avoid splitting hairs on this, we leave it aside for the moment from our challenge, but encourage our readers to submit examples of alleged anti-Arab or anti-Muslim hate speech.  We’ll report back if there is anything out there.

So, if Fletcher is right that the Daily Planet is filled with hate directed at blacks, gays, women, Latinos, or Asians DPWatchDog stands to lose a fortune. Send in your examples and drain our coffers.

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